Four Trends To Look Out For in Agriculture

  Agriculture is such an important sector in the economy and affects said economy all round. In order to grasp the importance and role Agriculture plays in the society, it is paramount to look out for trends taking place in this sector. The Agriculture being practiced today is very much different from that which was […]

Why Women Should Invest In Agriculture

When talking about investments , the picture we have in mind sometimes does not include women, even though they invest. The need for investors in Agriculture has grown and continues to grow, which is why it is important that investors are not marginalized and women are accepted in the investors pools. As women, it is […]

Mitigating Climate Change In Agriculture

The issue of climate change remains a problem and a threat to the present state of Agriculture in Nigeria. Agriculture makes use of land, alongside other factors that are greatly affected by climate change. According to the United Nations framework convention on climate change (UNFCC ) they defined climate change as a change which is […]

Agriculture: the future or not?

We’re at a point where this question has to be asked and honestly thought through. Agriculture has -in the past, been shown to be a source of employment, raw materials, and many more to Nigeria and its economy. With the rise and fall of the crude oil in the past, it’s evident the country needs- […]

Five Health Benefits of Eating Chicken

We love chicken and that is the gospel truth! Either fried, roasted or steamed, whichever way works for a lot of us. This is why it’s important we understand the health benefits gotten from munching on some delicious chicken. Here are five health benefits of eating chicken Builds muscles Chicken helps in building your muscles […]

Five Reasons to Invest in Poultry Farming

Poultry farming involves raising different kinds of domestic birds commercially for the purpose of meat, eggs and feathers ; the most reared poultry birds are chickens. Nigeria’s poultry farming has become one of the most lucrative businesses that can be run and it is an avenue for investors looking for businesses to invest in profitable […]

The Agro-Value Chain In Nigeria And Its Returns

Agriculture, at one point in Nigeria’s history, had been the pillar on which Nigerians relied on, not just for food but also, for employment as well.  From the year 1960 to 1969, the sector accounted for an average of 57.0% of gross domestic product (GDP) and generated 64.5% of export earnings. The GDP declined after […]


The Business of catfish farming is one that is profitable and lucrative in Nigeria, as there is massive need for catfish, but this is only achievable to a farmer when the right processes are put in place ranging from the use of right feed, clean environment, constant routine checks, but firstly, in order to understand […]

Five Reasons To Invest In Agriculture

  Agriculture in Nigeria is slowly regaining prominence as an extremely important sector, after being neglected for quite some time. In the 1960s, Agriculture was a pillar, upon which a lot of people gained employment before the advent of crude oil. It is a known fact that Nigeria has the required land space suitable for Agriculture […]

Barbecue Catfish

    One dish that is healthy and delicious is Barbecue catfish; this is one food that would probably leave you begging for more, if prepared nicely. In order to make this dish, several ingredients have to be gotten and they are listed below. Ingredients for catfish barbecue Catfish Onions Vegetable oil Salt 1 tsp […]