We love chicken and that is the gospel truth! Either fried, roasted or steamed, whichever way works for a lot of us. This is why it’s important we understand the health benefits gotten from munching on some delicious chicken. Here are five health benefits of eating chicken

Builds muscles

Chicken helps in building your muscles and it also serves as one of the best non-vegetarian protein source. It contains a large amount of protein, and less fat highlighting it as a great choice for muscle building.

Reduces PMS syndrome

This particular benefit is for the ladies, who usually experience one or more pre-menstrual symptoms that continuously cramps up their mood. Magnesium is one nutrient present in chicken; it reduces PMS syndrome.

Relieves stress

If you are constantly stressed due to some factors, you’re in luck, because chicken contains tryptophan and vitamin Bs and both helps in relieving stress, giving your body a calm effect. Aside that, the deliciousness of the chicken is also enough reason to be less stressed for sure.

Boosts immune system

Consuming chicken, which is rich in protein, magnesium and potassium, is the right idea when trying to boost your immune system. When taken, these nutrients strengthen cells in the immune system which in turn helps in preventing health issues, because your immune system will be strong enough to resist them.

Good for the heart

Eating chicken can help in controlling your body’s homocysteine amino-acid levels, which if too high, can lead to cardiovascular disease. In order to maintain a balance, inducing chicken into your daily meal routine would be the best choice for you.

It’s clear to see how important chicken is and how beneficial it is to our health. While you get to enjoy its deliciousness, your body also enjoys its benefits, making it a win-win situation.

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