Poultry farming involves raising different kinds of domestic birds commercially for the purpose of meat, eggs and feathers ; the most reared poultry birds are chickens. Nigeria’s poultry farming has become one of the most lucrative businesses that can be run and it is an avenue for investors looking for businesses to invest in profitable ventures. This article highlights five reasons why you should invest in poultry farming.


  1. Swift returns

In the business of Poultry farming, there’s an assurance of swift returns. Unlike other Agricultural businesses that might face delay in one aspect or the other, in poultry farming there is fast reproduction rate, as well as speedy maturing rate eg it takes approximately 28 weeks after production, for the chicken to become mature. This means the poultry produces with speed, and in no time, what was produced can be sold as well.

  1. Huge return on investment

The main reason for investing in a business is to make an attractive return on investment and poultry farming promises that. This business promises you rapid return on your investments made.

  1. High market demand

There is always demand for poultry. The rate of consumption of chicken in Nigeria is very high, hence the demand and this goes to show that any investment made in  poultry farming business, is bound to produce profit.

  1. Small investment capital

In poultry farming, unlike other businesses, large funds for investments are not needed. With a small amount, you can invest in this business and overtime, you get to make huge returns despite your little investment.

  1. Source of income

Everyone needs different streams of income; this is why it is important to choose the right business to put your money in that will guarantee you receiving steady and lucrative income. The business of poultry farming is one of such and investing in this would not leave you financially stranded.


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