Agriculture in Nigeria is slowly regaining prominence as an extremely important sector, after being neglected for quite some time. In the 1960s, Agriculture was a pillar, upon which a lot of people gained employment before the advent of crude oil. It is a known fact that Nigeria has the required land space suitable for Agriculture and in recent times, the market value on crude oil has dropped, leading to more attention on the previously neglected sector.  Agriculture, on its own cannot thrive, as there is need for investments to be made in order to boost its progress. Most Agricultural practitioners are small scale farmers, lacking the necessary tools and equipment’s needed to commercialize their farming. This is where investors come in, but before going into this business of investing in Agriculture, it is important to know why you should do it. Here are five reasons you should invest in Agriculture.

When it comes to investing in Agriculture, it does not require a huge sum of money, unlike other business investment. With a small amount of money, you can invest and earn returns after. When it comes to investing in Agriculture, there are different ways of doing so, just choose an investment plan that works for you.

ROIs are the profits gotten from investment that has been made. In Agriculture, the returns on investment are always attractive because Agriculture is a profitable sector, meaning there would always be profit to be made.

Investing in a farm with excellent functioning environment is a plus when it comes to investing in Agriculture. This is because a farm that functions well is sure the make gains faster than one functioning poorly.

You are sure of making your money no matter what happens in Agriculture because of protective insurance policies. Investing in a farm that has protective insurance policies is one way of securing your investments.

For products like catfish and poultry, the supply gap is much. in the case of catfish, close to 70% consumed by Nigerians is imported,despite the fact catfish is in abundance in Nigeria. There is still massive importation being made for these products by the government and Investing in a farm that deals on these products is beneficial to you because you stand the opportunity of making profit because there would be constant need for these products and through your investment, they would be in constant supply.



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